What do we do here?

We train...HARD. Kettlebell training is about way more than just lifting bells. It is about training your body in a thought out and comprehensive way. We focus on strength, flexibility, endurance, and focus. We lift kettlebells, strength train, circuit train, stretch, and work our aerobic systems. We train alone, with friends, or one on one. We are a club, not just a gym. Come on down and see what we are al about.

Your first week is always free!

The Orange Kettlebell Club (OKC) has provided the best in Personal Training, Kettlebell Sport Training, and Kettlebell Sport events since 2008. The OKC is an international community of Kettlebell Sport enthusiasts, with members in over a dozen countries. Now located at OKC North in South Berkeley, we continue the tradition of challenging our members and clients to reach their highest potential in movement, health, and sport.