Cali Open 2017 / KETACADEMY
KB Sport Instructor Level-3 Course

This will be the one and only KETA Level-3 Course in outside of St. Petersburg/ Russia. There will be the special line up of top coaches to teach this course.

Dates :   2017.    Feb 27,   Feb 28,   Mar 1,   Mar 2,   Mar 3  (5 day course)
Time :    Feb27,  Feb28,  Mar1,  Mar2 → 9:00am - 4:00pm.   (Private session available after 4pm on each day) 
              Mar3 → 9:00am-2:00pm (Private session available after 2pm)
Venue :  Innovative Results   2925 Airway Ave. Suite J.  Costa Mesa CA  92626   USA
Organizer : Orange Kettlebell Club
Coaches  :   Sergey Rachinskiy, Sergey Merkulin, Denis Vasilev, Mihail Babushkin and at least a few more coaches. Special line up coaches by celebrating Cali Open2017 / WAKSC World Championship 2017)
Cali Open2017 / KETA Level-3 Course  FBook page. (←Click)
Cali Open2017 / WAKSC World Championship FBook Page (←Click)

1) Registration Fees (USD)
• Super earlybird discount (Oct 1 ~ Oct 15) $750  *2weeks only. Non Refundable. Fees are been used for coaches travel expenses.
• Earlybird discount         (Oct 16 ~Dec 31) $1000
• Regular                          (2017. Jan 1 ~Feb 15) $1250
• Late                               (2017. Feb 16~)   $1500    

2) Registration Fee for "Non Certification" participant ( *Who doesn't need a certificate but really wants to attend for learning from world champion coaches.)
 • $800     *Please send a registration form and then contact to John for the payment.

3) Cancellation 
    •Before Dec 31. 2016=100% Refund
    •Jan 1~ Jan 31 = 50% Refund
    •Feb 1~ No Refund

4) Private Session with desired coach(es)
   • $100 per hour per coach 

5)  Requirement for attending Cali Open2017/KETA Level-3 Course.   
 If you are one of followings, you are eligible to participate at this course.
     ① KETA or OKC Level-1 or Level-2 instructor.
     ② IKFF (CKT, CMS) or IKSFA Level-1 or Level-2 Instructor.
     ③ Other KB org's certificate(s) from above orgs (i.e. IGSF, FGSI, RGSI, RKC, SFG, Strentgth Matters etc...) 
     ④  Attended 2013 Cali Open Sport Camp
     ⑤  Attended IKSFA Sport camp (any year)
     ⑥  Higher than KETA rank 2
     ⑦  Higher than other major org's rank 2  (IUKL, IKFF etc)
     ⑧  Competed any major and high level competitions.  For example, IUKL or IGSF world championship, IUKL World Cup, IGSF Europian championship, IKMF etc....   Please contact John and tell him about your attended competition.
     ⑨  Those who are not interested to be a KETA certified instructor BUT wanting to learn from special coaches.  (See above number 2 for the price and then contact to John please. )

6)  Candidate for those above events.
     If you are currently none of above BUT already applying or planning to attend for those above events between now to February 2017, you will be a candidate of Cali Open 2017/KETA level-3 course participant.   Please contact to Nazo or John and tell them which event(s) you are planning to attend.

7)  For whom can not attend whole 5 days (already booked non changable flight tickets etc...)
     Please contact Nazo or John

8)  Cali Open 2017 /KETA Level-3 Course, practical and theoretical test.
    To be a KETA level-3 KB sport instructor, you have to take a practical and written test and pass the both tests during the course. 
     ①  Practical test: Rank CMS from KETACADEMY ranking table, athlete can choose any exercise that he like (only one exercise: LC, Jerk only, Snatch only)
     ② Theoretical test: 30 questions about methodology and technique of KB sport, basic fitness knowledge and KB Sport training programming.
     ③ Regarding of practical test. If you missed the CMS number but achieved the KETA Level-1 or Level-2 practical test number, you will be given a KETA level-1 or level-2 instructor certificate. 
     ④ Regarding of written test. If you fail the written test, you will be given a chance for re-test during the course.  


KETACADEMY Ranking Chart for Practical Test.

MEN's Ranking Table

KETA Ranking Table 2016 ~

Women's Ranking Table   Jerk&LC=Double bell only

KETA Women's Ranking 2016~