Cali Open/WAKSC World Championship2017  Q & A

To all the World's lifters.  PLEASE READ this Q & A page.
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April 17. Q1: Is there women's 20kg bell's absolute division?
April 17. A1 : Unfortunately no. If you want to compete with 20kg bell and register in 20kg class you will be automatically put into open division.

April 4. Q1 :  Can I change the bell's weight and event(s) after registered?
April 4. A1 :  Yes.  Changing event's(include bell's weight) deadline is Feb 1. 2017.  Also full refund deadline is Dec. 1st 2016.

April 2. Q1:   I registerd Absolute Champion division.  If I hit MS numbers in both Snatch and Jerk. Can I be awarded MS in Biathlon?
April 2. A1:   Not in a competition because you DID NOT registerd in "Biathlon division and LC division".  Biathlon rank will be given ONLY if you registerd Biathlon division. But you can report your Jerk and Snatch results to KETA later and request Biathlon Rank.  We will suggest you to video recording your both Jerk and Snatch sets as a proof if you are planning for getting KETA ranking. 

April 2. Q2:   I registerd Absolute Champion division. If I hit MS numbers in both Snatch and Long Cycle (LC) events. Can I be awarded MS in both events?
April 2. A2:   In this case, YES.  In absolutely Champion division, you can be given ranking by individual event and be awarded your achieved rank. For example : If you hit CMS numbers in all 3 events, CMS rank will be given in all 3 events. (not as a biathlon event as mentioned in A1↑ )   If you hit MS number in just Jerk and LC you will be given Jerk and LC's MS ranks. 

April 1. Q1: Is Biathlon count as one event or two separate events?
April 1. A1: Biathlon will be counted as ONE Event. And the ranking will be given for just Biathlon category only. For example, if you registerd as Biathlon event and hit CMS number in Snatch but Jerk didn't go well and the Biathlon total point didn't reach to Biathlon's CMS number, you can not get a CMS ranking for both Snatch and Biathlon.

April 1. Q2 : I registerd Absolute Champion division.  Should I lift all 3 events in same bell's weight?
April 1. A2 : Yes.

April 1. Q3: About Payment.  I don't have a Paypal account and I will use my partner's account for payment. Is this OK?
April 1. A3:  No problem. But if Paypal account name or PayPal email address is NOT same as your registration name/email address, please don't forget to mention about this in a (PayPal) message box when you are making transaction. This will help us to avoid confusion.


April 1. Q4: Can my 5 years old kid compete?   How about my 76 years old client? 
April 1. A4: Yes they can. But if they will use non-regulated weight bells (i.e. 4kg~6kg) there will be no ranking.  They might be lift as an exhibition and you have to take a full responsibility for their health and safty.  Please don't forget to mention your little kid(s) name when you make a PayPal payment (Read April1. A3 ↑).


April 1. Q5: On a registration form, in a "division" section, I can see only "future" and "legend" divisions.  How can I choose open division?
April 1. A5: If you are between 18~49 years old you just ignore the division section.  If you are under 17 or over 50 but want to compete in an open division you can also ignore the division section. That means, if you are over 50 and didn't choose legend division you will be automatically registerd in an open division. 


April 2. Q1: How many munites interval between the sets?
April 2. A1: It will be 2 minutes.

April 2. Q2: I will compete Biathlon. Will I lift Jerk and Snatch on separate dates?
April 2. A2: YES. This is unlike other KB events.   It will be .... Day-1: Weigh-in.  Day-2: Jerk.   Day-3: Snatch.   Day-4: LC

April 1. Q1: Is relay co-ed or Men/women/separate?
April 1. A1: It is Co-ed. BUT using same weight bell(s). i.e. If your relay team registerd with 24kg bell all of your team members have to lift 24kg no matter if men or women.

April 1.Q2: Could you tell me Kettlebell's handle size (diameter) ?
April 1. A2: We will use Kettlebell Kings bells from 8kg to 32kg.  Below 8kg and above 32kg we may use different brand bells. All Kettlebell Kings bell's handle diameter is 35mm.

Sep 10. Q1: Will you held a training camp or cert course after Cali Open/World2017?
Sep 10. A1:  YES There will be the KETA Level-3 KB Sport Instructor 5 day Course start from Feb27 '2017. Click here for more detail and registration.


April 26. Q1: Can I wear wrist wrap with inserts?
April 26. A1: You can wear wrist wrap/ wrist band but NO any types of inserts are allowed.
April 3. Q1: Where can I find the KETA ranking table?
Sep 10. A1(Edited): Please Click here  (←Scroll down the page)This is a current Ranking tables.  
                   *THE LINK IS A NEW 2016 KETA Ranking Table.


Mar 28. Q1:  Nearest airport?
Mar 28. A1:  The nearest airport to the venue is John Wayne Airport (SNA).  The airport to competition venue is about 10minutes taxi ride.   The nearest Intl. airport is Los Angels International Airport (LAX).   LAX to venu(or hotel) location is about 45~70min depend on trafic and taxi ride is about $110+Tip.   There a few option to save your $$.
   ① Rent-a car
   ② Find a shuttle like this.
   ③ Using online transportation network company such as Uber or Lyft (You have to register before using service). Both Uber and Lyft's price would be at least 50% cheaper than Taxi. 

Mar 30. Q1: Is any suggestion about accomodation?
Mar 30. A1: We are currently searching a hotel in Costa Mesa area which gives us the best group rate.  There are quite a lot of hotels in Costa Mesa and most of them are less than 10min drive to the comp venue.
In previous Cali Open events, many people used "air BnB" online accomodation service. You can share a house with your teammates and save some $$.   Many houses are walking distance to the beach.

Mar 30. Q2: I will travel from Europe with family.  I don't know anything about Costa Mesa....
Mar 30. A2:  Here's the Costa Mesa Travel Guide.   The Newport Beach is about 15 minutes drive from comp venue area. (Don't forget to bring sun bathing suits.)     If you will have extra dates the LA and Southern California are fun to travel.  (Who doesn't like California? LOl )