Group classes

We want you to have the best of the best. For us that means best fitness practice every single time.  We are a close knit community.  As soon as you come through our doors we incorporate your individual needs and goals into our small group programs. We are internationally recognized as leaders in the Kettlebell Sport world which has required us to understand human physiology at an elite level beyond any single sport focus. This means we got you! We have seen it all. We have helped people off the couch. We have assisted competitive athletes in breaking their own records. We wholly support the health at any size methodology. We want you to be your best self so that you are amazing in your life. Yes we have giant tires and some badass lifting tools - and - we will progress you at an appropriate pace for you. We are not an industry gym, we are your gym. Come on in and be you. We welcome people of all physical abilities and we are wheelchair accessible.


Fun and functional; you will work on classic compound lifts, agility and interval work. These sessions provide full body strength and conditioning at a pace that will take you to your next level one circuit at a time.  You will flip tires, work with TRX suspension systems, battle the ropes, toss med balls, move some barbells and navigate your own bodyweight lifts. By the time we are done with you, we will be scared of you. That's the way it's supposed to be. Yes, all levels, come on out. Yes, you. No pain no gain is a lie. You will feel great. 

Tuesday/Thursday 6am and 7am (55min)


We are a Kettlebell Sport focused gym because the results you get are absolutely amazing! This particular morning program falls under the High Intensity Interval Training umbrella. You will gain full body strength and cardio capacity by working within your individual intensity range. Everyone's intensity level is different - there is no such thing as one-intensity-fits-all. We will help you reach your next personal best safely and efficiently.  There is a very specific method to this madness and it will be dialed in for you, where you are right now. This program is suitable for all levels, beginners are encouraged to take the leap. 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6am and 7am (55min)


Traditional strength-building exercises have gotten a rap in a lot of circles -- the truth is that strength forms the lynchpin of all physical fitness, contributing greatly to balance, posture, agility, and even endurance. New research has shown that muscle mass is tightly linked to overall health and longevity, making strength training almost universally beneficial. Don’t expect a flashy or fast-paced workout -- this class is back to the old school, with focus on the essentials of working with barbells to increase strength safely and effectively.

Saturday 9am (1hr)


If you have ever had interest in Kettlebell Sport training there is no better place in the Bay Area than OKC! Our coaches have studied and taught kettlebell lifting all over the world. one on in and enjoy our experienced staff of coaches and our welcoming community of lifters.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12pm (1hr)

Kettlebell open gym

This is when the kettlebell lifters can really let loose with their training. Lifters in all stages of development are welcome to attend. It is a class filled with lifters from absolute beginners to world champions. There are lots of people here to help you. Don't be shy, come on down and see what we are all about.

Mon-Thursday 5:30pm (90min) Saturday 11am (3 hours)


Individual and duo training is a custom-tailored solution for your fitness goals. Perfect for those who need more individual attention, whether that means diving into the depths of highly technical kettlebell lifting, coming back from an injury, or pursuing advanced levels of fitness and strength. We'll make sure your time with us is both challenging and rewarding.

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