The Vault

Our bootcamp is our cross training class that is accessible to people of all levels. Feel free to stop by and get your fitness started with our friendly and supportive community! The class itself is time structured to make sure you get started, worked over, and out on time. You'll get your work in and still be at work on time!


If you are looking to become an excellent kettle bell lifter but you don't know where to start...start here! Your instructors in this course are some of the best competitors in the USA and have experience competing all over the country and the world. The OKC has spent the last 10 years learning to lift the old weight ball. Come on in and try what we do best!

Old School Athletics

Meat and potatoes. Nothing flashy here, just old school training with Bells, Ropes, Sleds, Tires and Barbells. Build the machine. Learn to run the machine. Race the machine. This class is about hard training in a scheduled, timed format. 

Strength Training

Traditional strength-building exercises have gotten a rap in a lot of circles -- the truth is that strength forms the lynchpin of all physical fitness, contributing greatly to balance, posture, agility, and even endurance. New research has shown that muscle mass is tightly linked to overall health and longevity, making strength training almost universally beneficial. Don’t expect a flashy or fast-paced workout -- this class is back to the old school, with focus on the essentials of working with barbells to increase strength safely and effectively.

Personal Training

Individual and duo training is a custom-tailored solution for your fitness goals. Perfect for those who need more individual attention, whether that means diving into the depths of highly technical kettlebell lifting, coming back from an injury, or pursuing advanced levels of fitness and strength. We'll make sure your time with us is both challenging and rewarding.