Unlimited Classes $165 per month

This level of membership is designed for busy people who want to get a good workout in without changing everything about their lives. You can come down, check in, sweat, and check out simple and easy. Leave the programming of the classes to us. We Got You.

Sport Training $165 per month

This is where our club begins to separate from other gyms that you have known. We use Sport Kettlebell training as our center. We have a concrete, measurable, non-negotiable goal…a number. We analyze your strengths and weaknesses, figure out the order of priorities regarding your training, and create the best path to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Then we test and either you hit your number or you don’t. There are no moving goalposts, no ambiguity, just black and white. Yes or no. Did or didn’t. If you hit your goal, we choose a new one and move that way. If you missed it, we assess your training period, figure out why the goal was missed, create a new plan and execute it. It’s that simple.

Championship Training with Denis Vasilev $300 per month

Our master coach, Denis Vasilev is the 8x world champion, world record holder, and one of the greatest Kettlebell Lifter to ever live. In this program Denis personal analyzes your starting point, designs your program, and coaches you for competition. You may not think you want to compete, or even see the point in lifting for sport, but, competition has its purpose here. The thing about competition is that it is absolute. You must weigh this much. You must lift on this day, at this time. There is no wiggling out of it. We don’t need you living stressed on your edge 24/7. We just need you to be on point for one day. It is an intense experience that focuses all training. The good news is that our club is the top kettlebell club in the world, winning the 2018 WAKSC World Championship Top Team Award and coming I second place to the Professional Russian All-Star Team in the 2017 World Grand Prix. 

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