6 week intro to Kettlebell Sport Series at OKC North!

This is the series of classes that helped build the OKC Competition Team into one of the largest and most respected teams in the country! But this time taught to you by 7x world champion and multiple world record holder Denis Vasilev!

Classes will be taught Tuesday and Thursday Evenings at 7pm starting on Sept 14 2017 and ending October 19, 2017.

There will be 12 One hour classes in the course. Also included is an OKC Unlimited Class package for the 6 weeks of the course. We want you to be able to come in and practice what you are learning as well as train with the team. 



Intro to Kettlebell Sport Series
175.00 250.00

30% off for Labor Day!

7pm, Monday and Wednesday
Access to Saturday Training included
Sept 9 - Oct 7


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Frequently encountered Questions and concerns

Q: What the heck?!

A: Kettlebell Sport ("Girevoy Sport" or "гиревой спорт") is a type of endurance weightlifting that originated in the USSR in the middle of the 20th century. At the professional level it involves lifting one or two kettlebells for 10 minutes (without putting them down!), and the winner is decided by the number of lifts completed. It is a competition of skill, mental focus, endurance, and strength.

Q: But I'm not an athlete! Competition? No way.

A: The sport is actually very accessible, and athletes of all ages and body types are well-represented. Training and events are warm, inclusive, and the community is supportive of every lifter, regardless of their level. That being said, not everybody competes. The training protocols developed for the sport apply themselves well to any person looking to increase their general fitness with a safe, fun, and engaging activity.

Q: I just want to work out.

A: Totally! We love to work out, too. But let me ask you: in the last year of "working out", did you improve? In what way? How do you know? Training for Kettlebell Sport gives us a way to measure our progress and pursue performance improvement in a structured way. The constant variation in other systems might be fun for a while, but nothing beats having a plan and knowing at the end that you are better than when you started.

Q: No, I said I DON'T want to work out.

A: ... and we feel your pain on this one, too. We approach kettlebell lifting almost as an art -- we're interested in the efficiency, power, and grace of performing these movements well. If you're bored with other fitness routines, you might find there is an extra dimension to the kettlebell lifts that draws you in. And when you're struggling, you'll find that our community of kettlebell nerds will keep you excited about coming back.


Got more questions? Ask away!

John will do his best to answer!!!

John will do his best to answer!!!