Kettlebell Sport Certification course Level 1 & 2 in New York City !

JT's OKC Cert Sep 2017.jpg

OKC Cert Course in NYC !!

This September we will hold the first ever OKC KB Sport Instructor Certification Course in NYC !!! 
Master of Sport in Long Cycle, JT Netterville and OKC's "Master Chu-fu" the one and only Jason Dolby will be instructing this two day event!
This course will cover both basic Kettlebell sport movements and advanced lifting technique. All Levels Welcome!

Date : September 30 & October 1st, 2017
Time : Day-1(Level-1) :10am-5pm.  Day-2(Level-2) : 10am-3pm.
Venue : DRIVE 495.   495 Broadway. #201. New York City,  NY (Between Spring & Broom)
Instructors : JT Netterville & Jason Dolby (OKC Head Coaches)
Price : Level-1 $199.   Level-2 & Both days $299.