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Become an OKC and KETACADEMY certified KB sport instructor !

Dates and Time
Aug 13 (Sun)   : Level-1.  9am ~ 5pm
Aug 14 (Mon)   : Level-2.  10am ~ 2pm

Orange Kettlebell Club Gym (←click for map)
3007 Sacramento Street. Berkeley CA. 94702

Level-1 : $300
Level-2 or both levels : $450
Audit (Attend without certification) : $150

"OKC/KETA certification course's details and regulations"


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Denis Vasilev


7-time World Champion and World Record Holder (2 *32kg. 10" Long Cycle : 101 reps   2015)

Sports title:  MSIC  (Master of Sports International Class)

WAKSC : Vice President
KETACADEMY : Vice President/Master Coach
Bellevator : Founder
range Kettlebell Club / Master Coach
Author : "Kettlebell Sport Training Methodology Tutorial"

enis has moved to Northern California and working at the Orange Kettlebell Club Gym as a master coach.  He is available for personal training at the OKC Gym as well as  his "garage gym" in Pinole (Bay Area CA) house.  Also available for online training for distance students.

 --------  Sporting achievements  ---------
- The winner of international tournament "Cup of Champions" LC    2*40kg. 5'    2007
- The winner of international tournament "Cup of Champions" LC    2*32kg. 5'    2008
- Champion of Russia:   LC   2*32kg   2009,  2010,  2011,  2012,  2013,  2014,  2015 by RGSF
- European Champion:  LC   2*32kg   2008,  2009,  2011,  2012,  2013,  2014,  2015 by IUKL
- World Champion:       LC   2*32kg   2008,  2010,  2011,  2013,  2014,  2015 by IUKL
- World Champion:       LC   2*32kg   2016 by WAKSC

- Russia Record holder : LC   2*32kg     89 reps   by RGSF
- Europe Record holder: LC   2*32kg     90 reps   by IUKL
- World record holder :   LC   2*32kg     91 reps   by IUKL
- World record holder:    LC   2*40kg     57 reps   by KETACADEMY
(only the person in the World who did 10min long set in Long Cycle with two 40kg kettlebells)
- World record holder:    LC   2*32kg     101 reps  by KETACADEMY
- World record holder     LC   2*24kg     152 reps  by KETACADEMY
- Member of National Team Russia (professionals, 2*32kg) by RGSF   LC   2008 – 2016
- Professional athlete from 2016 till present
- World Grand Prix : Champion:  LC    2*32kg  2015,  2016 by WAKSC
- World Grand Prix : Champion:  Biathlon  2*32kg   2015,  2016  by WAKSC
- California Open : Champion:   2013,  2014,  2015,  2016
- Northern California Open Championship : Champion:  2013,  2014,  2015,  2016
- Saint-Petersburg White Nights World Grand Prix : Champion:  2012,  2013,  2014,  2015,  2016
- Japan Open Championship : Champion:                                     2013,  2014,  2015
- Puerto Rico Open Championship : Champion :                          2016
- Kaliningrad Amber Kettlebell Championship : Champion:          2015, 2016
- Indonesia Open Championship : Champion:                               2015
- Shanghai Open Championship : Champion:                                2016
- Niagara Kettlebell Sport Open Championship : Champion :        2015, 2016
- Vancouver Open Championship : Champion:                              2015
- Mexico Open Championship : Champion:                                   2016
- Norway World Grand Prix Championship : Champion:               2016
- Kettlebell Olsztyn Open Championship(Poland) : Champion:      2014, 2016
- Croatia Zagreb Open Championship : Champion:                        2015
- Texas Open Championship : Champion:                                       2016
- Kecskemet_Hungary Open Championship : Champion:               2016
*****  Coach: Sergei Rachinskii (Honored Coach of Russia, Honored Master of Sports)

 --------  Sports career ---------
- 1991-2000    training for Martial Arts Federation Kaliningrad (Hand to hand combat), Candidate of Master of Sports (brown belt).
- 1998-2005    Member of the team Kaliningrad (Kettlebell Sport), Master of Sports.
- 2000-2005    Member of the team Kaliningrad (Arm-wrestling), Candidate in Master of Sports.
- 2005-2007    Self-training (Powerlifting).
- 2007-2008    Member of the team Saint-Petersburg (Kettlebell Sport), Master of Sports International Class.
- 2008 - 2016Member of National Team Russia (Kettlebell Sport, professionals, 2*32kg), Master of Sports International Class.
- 2016              PRO Athlete of EUROFITNESS CLUB, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
- 2017 – to present    PRO Athlete of ORANGE KETTLEBELL CLUB, Berkley, CA,USA

 --------  Education  ---------
- 2007-2010    North-West Institute of Management, St.Petersburg (specialization – the Department of State and Municipal Administration)
- 2010-2015    Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health, St. Petersburg” (specialization – Kettlebell Sport)

 --------  Kettlebell sport coach/business career --------
-2009 – 2012      IKSFA (International kettlebell sport and fitness academy)  : Coach
-2012 -to present: KETACADEMY :  Master Coach, Vice President
-2014 –to present  WAKSC (World Association of Kettlebell Sport Clubs)    :Vice President
-2014 – to present  BELLEVATOR (Professional equipment for kettlebell sport) : Founder, Owner
-2017 – to present     ORANGE KETTLEBELL CLUB (Berckley,CA)    : Master Coach

--------  Denis's Educational Book ---------
" Kettlebell Sport Training Methodology Tutorial " (2015)
Available in 5 languages!
Contact Denis for purchase.
Contact Denis on FaceBook at "Denis Vasilev".


Brittany van Schravendijk

After learning how to lift kettlebells in 2011, Brittany has achieved five Master of Sport titles and set a number of World and National records. She is a two-time member of Team USA and has traveled to Russia and Europe to compete against the best lifters in the world. Brittany has learned from many world-class coaches, such as Steven Khuong, Ivan Denisov, Valery Federenko, Denis Vasilev, Sergei Rachinskiy, Abigail Johnston, Shawn Mozen and Sara-Clare Lajeunesse, and Jason Dolby.

Brittany is the Head Coach for Kettlebell Sport at KOR Strength and Conditioning in San Diego, where she coaches a team of 15 athletes. She has trained three students to Candidate for Master of Sport (CMS), and has taught workshops all over the world. Brittany is an online kettlebell coach and maintains a website where she posts weekly kettlebell workouts, Kettlebell Sport information, interviews with kettlebell athletes and coaches, World and National Record lists, and more.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), NSCA
Ketacademy Level 3 Certified Instructor
StrongFirst Level 1 Instructor
WAKSC World Champion in 2x24kg Long Cycle
World Record Holder in 16kg Biathlon, 16kg Jerk, and 20kg Long Cycle
National Record Holder in 24kg OA Biathlon and 20kg Snatch
24kg OALC Master of Sport
24kg Snatch Master of Sport
20kg Biathlon Master of Sport

Mike Salemi

Mike Salemi

•OKC Head Coach
•Kettlebell Lifestyle : Founder
•CHEK Institute Presenter
•CHEK Practitioner Level I & Holistic Lifestyle
Coach II
•FMS Practitioner II
•Former Strength & Conditioning Coach, Santa Clara University Men’s Tennis (2 seasons)

Kettlebell Lifestyle is the culmination of 15+ years of study and personal experience competing as a gymnast, powerlifter, olympic weightlifter, and kettlebell sport athlete.  Through the challenging process of resolving longstanding gastro-intestinal issues and sports related injuries, it’s been my journey to further understand the human body and its potential holistically.

It was over a decade ago that I experienced my first significant “ah-ha” moment in strength and conditioning. This came while training at Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio, where Louie Simmons completely reformulated the way I viewed strength development. Then in 2011, I traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia to be certified by members of the Russian National Team, with the objective to study kettlebell (girevoy) sport technique, training, and coaching methodology at its source. Today, having worked closely with Holistic Health Practitioner, Paul Chek, I've seen first-hand that true masters are few and far between; and to be a master of any craft, we must practice meticulously, and continually explore how we look at the entire person.

It is my main objective to educate and inspire a new type of athlete, one committed to cultivating high performance from the inside out.  With workshops offered on diverse topics, from athlete nutrition & recovery, to shoulder & spine health, to an integrated system of kettlebell training, I’ll be sharing and teaching what it is I love most - supporting a more balanced athlete.  


Master of Sport 32kg Long Cycle (73kg & 78kg Class)
2017 WAKSC World Champion, 32kg Long Cycle Professional Division (73kg Class)
2016 WAKSC World Grand Prix 32kg Long Cycle Professional Division Winner (78kg Class)
Former WABDL Worlds Bench Press & Dead Lift Champion (148lb Teenage Division)
Best Powerlifts: 605lb Squat, 470lb Bench Press, 615lb Deadlift

Kettlebell Education Background

Other Education
B.A., B.S., Santa Clara University

Contact : Email to Mike or via FBook at "Mike Salemi"
More detailed info : Check his website at KETTLEBELL LIFESTYLE