Private Training

Individual and duo training is a custom-tailored solution for your fitness goals. Perfect for those who need more individual attention, whether that means diving into the depths of highly technical kettlebell lifting, coming back from an injury, or pursuing advanced levels of fitness and strength. Our coaches and trainers are a cross between experienced trainers with over 10 years experience and young excited professionals who have taken what they have learned from older generations and advanced it with personal innovation. Whatever you are looking for in a trainer we can provide it for you at OKC. We'll make sure your time with us is both challenging and rewarding.

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Small Group Training

If you have a group of friends (3-5 people and you enjoy the idea of having a private class all to yourself Small Group Training is you answer. It is personalized semi-privet training for you and your friends. Come train together and enjoy the personal support you can only get from having your best friends close at hand.