Ian Tan

Head Coach OKC.


Singapore, Singapore

Owner Thrive email: Ian

I’ve spent most of my life fighting physical mediocrity. I’ve always loved physical activity, but I’ve never really been naturally good at any sport. I’ve always had to work extra hard. Frustration made me work harder, and working harder just made me more frustrated. The results I got never really made sense. I’d train and train and finally improve, but never by much. Training too hard, and training incorrectly, led me to all sorts of overuse injuries. After destroying my shoulder and having to get surgery on it, I finally made the decision to start learning about and appreciating training, instead of just “blasting through a workout”.
I’ve spent many years trying to learn how to train the human body. I’ve spent recent years trying to un-learn a lot of nonsense, too. I’m finally getting pretty good at this. All my pain and frustration was worth it. It helped me realize what i want to do with my life. I want to to help cultivate an appreciation for fitness that goes beyond aesthetic appeal. I want to help everyday people move well – with confidence, with grace, and with strength.
I love being a student just as much as I love teaching. I make it a point to keep up with the research, and to travel to keep learning. Check out the blog to see who i’ve been learning from recently.
If you’re curious about my accreditations, don’t be afraid to ask