In a nutshell






In that order. So what’s the deal with that you ask? Sport Kettlebell lifting looks so different from what most of us think of as weightlifting. There is momentum and the weights are so heavy. How can technique not be the most important thing? Because when you are lifting weights it is your philosophy of lifting that will protect you. Technique is important yes, of course, and we will teach you more tech than you can stomach but that will enhance your performance. In the beginning, very basic tech and an understanding of your goal is all you need. The rest is your philosophy.

The weights are heavy. Are they? They should be, that is after all their purpose on this earth. Are they heavy for your whole body? Are you trying to move leg and hip appropriate weight with your arms or shoulders? This is very common. People live in their fingers, wrists, arms etc. So if you are trying to (for example) curl what you squat it will be too heavy. It works the other way around as well, Squat your curl weight and it is light. So, what gets people hurt? Lifting out of sequence.

You MUST be able to get your body into position to receive and lift the weight. When you lift, you move through musculature to structure. You lift from big towards little. You must be able to recruit your muscles in sequence or you will be in trouble. Seriously. 

Flexibility training will allow you to move from rest position to rest position. It will allow your structure to be able to handle the load of the weights. It will allow you to drive the weight with the big muscles and, in sequence, medium and small muscles. This is how you protect your body from injury when lifting.

Endurance will allow you to perform your lifts correctly for a longer period of time. Lifting is exhausting and the more tired you get, the harder it is to hit your spots. You miss your angles. You lose your timing. When you miss your spots, your body recruits small muscles to control the mistake. This will exhaust you and will lead to injury if repeated again and again.

Technique will help you refine your sequencing. It will help you to rest, conserve energy, generate power, win competitions etc. Once you can rest in your safe, stable positions, your technique will separate you from other lifters. 

Strength: it’s not about the meat. The first breakthrough is learning how to generate force. These are patterns your body can learn. Once you move from big to little you will be amazed how much stronger you are instantly. Through repetition we strengthen your connective tissue and joints. We load your frame and strengthen your bones. As you round into shape and advance your technique you will see the weights go up and up. 

This is not to say we have to wait until you are Gumby before you can start lifting. You can start right away. The key is to understand that you must know what your intention is and do it exactly. If you know you can’t hit your spot and generate good leg and hip drive, you must not use leg/hip appropriate weight. 

Don’t let your pride mess with you on this. I can tell you for sure, real lifters respect smarts and discipline more than the hot mess that comes with people struggling under weight that is inappropriate.