OKC Head Coach

KetAcademy II, IKSFA II, IKFF, RKC, WKC, Z-Health Movement Therapist (Level 3), NASM (CPT), MBG (CNT), ART (Lower Extremity)

Manhattan Beach, California, The Cave (OKC South)

Head Indian Club Instructor, Owner Cali-Caveman

email: Jason

Jason is a competitive Kettlebell lifter and one of the elite Kettlebell instructors in the US. He has taught Kettlebell in the US and Europe and is one of only two assistant IKFF instuctors licensed to certify. Jason serves as an (IMT), Integrated Movement Therapist & Strength Coach at LA Sports Performance Care and is located in Manhattan Beach, CA.
With a diverse athletic background, including martial arts, football, rock climbing and backpacking, Jason has had experience with many fitness tools and conditioning modalities, but feels that the kettlebell and the traditional Indian clubs are among the best. As a personal trainer and competitive kettlebell lifter, Jason feels that the Indian clubs are great for upper extremity mobilization before and after training, and says that the kettlebell builds injury resistance, true endurance strength, core strength, and cardiovascular conditioning all at once.
Aside from improving the health and wellness of the general public, Jason is currently bettering the mobility, conditioning, and athletic performance of firefighters, football players, kettlebell lifters, and MMA fighters. Jason states that "We were never designed to sit all day, whether at the computer, on the couch, in the car, or on a fitness machine! We were designed to move!"

Aaron Guyett

OKC Head Coach

Master of Sport Biathlon, Long Cycle

B.S. KetAcademy, IKSFA, Onnit Master Coach

Costa Mesa, California Email: Aaron


Aaron Guyett is a husband, father, Onnit Master Coach, Marine Corps Staff Sergeant, and founder/co-owner of Innovative Results, specializing in helping people develop mental, physical, and spiritual strength, that they never thought possible.  As the Battle Ropes Master Coach he is most excited to teach force through frequency for power, strength, and endurance humans and athletes. Aaron’s warrior heart and mind become contagious for everyone around him.  He delivers uncompromising results to teams, organizations, and communities.  Needless to say, Aaron is an incredible coach that lives and breaths his often quoted, “next one, best one!”

Onnit Master Coach and Contributor, Sponsored Onnit Athlete, Team USA Kettlebell (Holds four National records, 6th in World), Founder and Co-owner of Innovative Results since 2005, Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management, Masters in Leadership Studies, OKC Kettlebell Certified and Head Coach, Newport Harbor High School Strength and Conditioning Coach, Contributor to several Fitness and Leadership Periodicals and Blogs, NCCPT, TFW Certified, Original Strength Certified, ZUU and Ankorr Certified, AFPA Nutrition Certification, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, IKSFA Kettlebell Certified, Level 2 Battling Ropes Instructor, and Decorated Marine Staff Sergeant