Tricia Dong

Master of Sport Long Cycle

OKC Head Coach


Vancouver, BC


Tricia is a registered Can-Fit-Pro Fitness Trainer, Russian Kettlebell fitness coach, and Kettlebell Sport (GS) Coach. She is also the head instructor of the renowned Police Training Program at the Vancouver YWCA, where she trains law enforcement hopefuls to pass the demanding physical fitness requirements.

Diversifying her love for kettlebells, Tricia has also had the honour to train Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport (GS) under World Champion Russian Kettlebell Sport coaches Sergey Rudnev and Sergey Rachinskiy in Los Angeles, CA in Oct 2010.  In her first kettlebell competition in September 2011 in Seattle, she placed first in the 10 min snatch (12kg) and Long Cycle (16kg) events, attaining IKFF Rank I (Snatch) and Rank III (L/C). In May 2012 Tricia earned her GS Level 1 coaching certification with IKSFA in Tacoma, WA, and competed later that month in Seattle, WA (IKFF) and Victoria, BC (WKC), earning Rank 1 with the 16kg in both Snatch and L/C. At the IKFF National Kettlebell Championships in Detroit, MI, Nov 17, 2012, she had the honour of competing as the only Canadian on the inaugural IKSFA Sport KB Nationals Team, along with Russian World Champions Aleksander Khvostov, Sergei Merkulin, and Sergey Rudnev.  There she achieved the rank of Candidate, Master of Sport (CMS) in professional Long Cycle with the 20kg bell, 65kg weight category.  In Feb 2013, at the OKC Cali Open KB Competition in Costa Mesa, CA, Tricia competed both in the 5 min Snatch event with 12kg bell, and braved the 24kg bell for the first time on the platform in Long Cycle, earning two more gold medals under the watchful eye of World Champion Denis Vasiliev. In February 2014 at the OKC Championships, she reached her goal of Master of Sport ranking in OALC with the 20kg bell, for a total of 106 reps. She has also been an advocate for Two-Arm Long Cycle being recognized as an event for females, and has performed exhibition sets (as there are no current official rankings for TALC) with double 12s and 16s at various competitions in 2014 & 2015.


Johnny Danger (AKA John Harshman)

MS ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist OKC Head Coach IKSFA level 1 & 2 AKC Club Coach Precision Nutrition Coach USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

Spokane, Washington, Email: Johnny

John is the Health and Wellness Director for the North Spokane YMCA and the founding member of OKC Spokane. He’s been a student of kettlebell sport and Jason Dolby since 2011. He is one of only handful of american men who have completed over 100 reps Long Cycle with 2, 24kg bells in a competition (which he has done twice).

Some of John’s Kettlebell Sport accomplishments: 2015 National Champion Long Cycle 105+kg 2015 Team USA representative at the IUKL World Championships in Dublin, Ireland Long Cycle: 32kg, 49 reps Long Cycle: 24kg, 102 reps (CMS) Biathlon: 24kg, 208 reps (113 jerk, 190 snatch) One Hour Long Cycle: 28kg, 581 reps 24kg, 720 reps One Hour Jerk: 16kg, 2010 reps