John Wild Buckley

Named to the Board of Directors WAKSC (World Association of Kettlebell Clubs) 2016

Level 3 KetAcademy Instructor (The first level 3 Instructor in the USA) 2015

CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) 2006

USAW (USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach) 2007

Equinox Tier 3 (2003-2008) NYC-SF

Pre-and Post Natal certified (via Equinox)

IKFF CKT (inaugural class) 2008, IKFF FMD (inaugural class) 2009, IKSFA (St. Petersburg Russia inaugural class) 2010, IKSFA L2 (St. Petersburg Russia inaugural class) 2011, WKC (Master Trainer-inaugural class) 2008, RKC 2006, AKC 2007, WKC Master Coach 2011, KBA 2005, KA 2005, Full Kontact Kettlebell 2006, IUKL Judge 2014

Early Buck:

John Graduated from Plattsburg State University in 2000 with a degree in English Literature.

From 2003-2008 John was a student and trainer at Equinox fitness clubs. First, in NYC John was in the final full class of the world-renowned EFTI education system. 

In 2004 John moved to California and worked at Equinox SF where he became a Tier 3 trainer. 

In 2007 he started the Orange Kettlebell Club.

In 2008 he left Equinox to run the OKC full time.

In 2014 he Opened OKC North Gym in Berkeley 

Competitive Career 2010-2015

John competed in over 40 Kettlebell Sport competitions since 2009 including:

Far Eastern Championship, Siberia, Russia 2012 1st Place Amateur

St. Petersburg Championship, Russia 2012 2nd Place Amateur 

White Nights Tournament, Pushkin, Russia 2014 1st Place Amateur

White Nights Tournament, St. Petersburg Russia 2015 1st Place Professional

Amber Championship of Kaliningrad  2015 2nd place Professional. 

The Arnold Classic 2010 1st Place Long Cycle Professional

US Nationals 2011 2nd Place Biathlon Professional

Japan Championship 2011,12,13,14 1st Place Biathlon/Snatch only Professional

Hong Kong Championship 2012 1st Place Biathlon Professional

The Asian Championship 2013 1st Place Biathlon Professional

The California Championship 2013 1st Place Snatch Only Amateur 

The California Open Championship 2015 1st place Biathlon Professional

The NorCal Championship 2012,13,14 1st place Snatch Only, Long Cycle, Biathlon…

2015 AKA National Champion heavyweight Professional Biathlon

To list a few

John is also co-founder (Jason is the Boss) of the One Hour Long Cycle Charity event 2011- which to date has raised over $50,000 for charities and has built a world-wide network of supporters. In 2014, along with Kettlebells 4 Autism the OHLC had over 70 locations, 700 lifters, and raised over $35,000! 

John (with Jason) was part of the two man wrecking crew that became the first American lifters to compete in a kettlebell sport-lifting tournament in Siberia (2012).

John along with OKC head coaches Jason and Nazo became the first Americans to participate in the St. Petersburg Championship in Russia.

John has spent several weeks every year since 2010 training, studying, and competing in Russia. 

In 2011 John and the OKC brought over the International Kettlebell Sport and Fitness Academy to the United States to teach and set off the 2nd wave of kettlebell sport information in the US.

In 2011 John and Jason went to Siberia to learn from The Great Sergey Rudnev and redefined the way American Kettlebell Lifters sought out information. Today people travel to Russia to learn and compete all the time, but back then it was just us…and Mike Sherman.

In 2008 John was one of the first 2 (along with Jason) International iInstructors for the IKFF.

John was part of the first class of WKC Master instructors.

In 2012 John became a WKC Master Coach by coaching his student to Master of Sport level at the 2012 WKC World Championship.

John was the first person to Certify WKC kettlebell instructors in Japan.

John was the only person to ever simultaneously certify IKFF CKT’s and WKC Fitness instructors. (There will never be another).

The 2014,15,(and soon to be 16) OKC California Open Sport Championship and Sport Camp was the biggest kettlebell sport event in US history.

The Orange Kettlebell Club is one of the largest private kettlebell clubs in the world.

John has published really bad poems in his University Literary Journal (and even won $50 once!)

John has training articles published in Kettlebell Sport Magazine and My Mad Methods Magazine.


Nazo is one of the founding members of the Orange Kettlebell Club, and is a pioneer of kettlebell sport in Japan. Aside from teaching and coaching in California, she and her OKC partners have been teaching in Japan every year since 2008. Nazo was part of the inaugural class of IKSFA instructors who studied in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2010, when she became the first Japanese to become a Certified Kettlebell Sport Coach. That same year, she started OKCJapan and organized the first Annual Japan Championship as well as the OKCJ Instructor Certification Course. In 2012, she brought the first Japan National Team to the Asian Championships in Singapore; and in 2015, she brought the team to World Championships in Ireland.  Nazo is also one of main organizeres of the “Women’s International Kettlebell Sport Summit”.

As a competitor, she first competed at the Arnold Festival in 2009 and took first place in Long Cycle. Since then she has competed all over the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Russia. She has also studied, competed and taught kettlebell all over the world; and has organized more than 20 kettlebell sport events. Every year since 2010, she teaches the kettlebell seminar in Japan’s largest fitness convention “Sportec.”

Since 2009, she has been writing monthly kettlebell articles for “Ironman Japan.” In addition to her passion for kettlebells, Nazo is also known for her talents and passion in photography. Also known for “Nazofoto,” her photographs capture the beauty of kettlebell sport lifters and life in general.

Orange Kettlebell Club Japan (OKCJ):  Founder and Head Coach

Orange Kettlebell Club (OKC): International Director and Head Coach

International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL): Japan Representative

OKC Gym: Kettlebell Sport Coach

OKC Tokyo Sawa Gym: Advisor

Certified KB Instructor/Coach: KETAcademy level-2, IKSFA level-2, AKCKettlebell Instructor, WKC Fitness Instructor, IKFF (CKT-FMD)

Certification: IUKL Judge

Ryan Rockland

IMG_2249 copy (1).jpg

Ryan has been training full time since 2004. He has a strong background in classic lifts, strength and conditioning, and functional fitness. He tailors the program to the individual and has experience working with a diverse range of body types, abilities and training objectives. He believes that physical practice requires full engagement and encourages developing the mental and emotional connection to movement along side the physical.  Ryan is Health at Every Size savvy and supports clients in achieving their own definition of success. He has a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and deeply values martial arts discipline and practice. He has competed extensively in swimming and grappling. Ryan has taught basic self-defense for several years and weaves pragmatic skills into the workout when appropriate.  


American Council on Exercise - acquired 2004

National Personal Training Institute - 2005 to present

National Strength and Conditioning Association - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 2006-present

Masters In Sport Management - University of San Francisco, 2008

Chris Doenlen

2x Member of USA National Team, (2014/2015) 2x National Champion, 2x KetAcademy Master of Sport in Biathlon and Long Cycle

Health and fitness have been major parts of my life since high school, although I never really considered myself much of an athlete back then. Like most from Florida, I grew up surfing and skateboarding before later falling in love with weightlifting in high school. Since then, training has always been less of a hobby and more of a healthy obsession. I love the objective, as well as the straightforwardness of trying to get as strong as possible. As Henry Rollins wrote in essay, The Iron: “Friends may come and go, but 200 pounds is always 200 pounds.”

Over the last 10 years, I’ve pursued both ends of the fitness spectrum, from pure strength in powerlifting to endurance cycling. I’ve really found my balance in Kettlebell Sport, an endurance kettlebell lifting sport with origins in Russia. I’ve been competing now in Kettlebell Sport for five years and have set national records, won national titles, and even placed in the top 5 at the world championships two years in a row.

I’m also a huge nutrition geek and have experimented at one time or another with almost every imaginable diet: vegetarian, low carb, paleo and bodybuilding-style meal plans, among others. I dove deep into the rabbit hole, reading everything I can find on optimizing nutrition for sports performance and body composition. As with training, I’ve found that the middle path of “no restrictions, just moderation” to be the most enjoyable and sustainable when it comes to eating and this is the approach I take with all of my clients.